Protecting our people and our pounds

9th - 17th March 2021


What can we learn from the pandemic and how can we use it to shape the future of our schools?

The global pandemic and its economic and social repercussions are being felt across every sector, including education. School funding has been hit and our keyworker heroes have repeatedly been supporting vulnerable and keyworker children in the classroom while keeping learners motivated and engaged remotely – no mean feat.

During all the adversity we have seen the positive impact that school staff have had on pupils, their families and the community. This resilience after a turbulent year shows the amazing talent in the education sector.

The challenge today is for schools and trusts to emerge from the Covid-19 outbreak with a comprehensive approach to income generation and an infrastructure to support staff wellbeing and manage talent. As well as all the software knowledge school staff need. All with the aim of supporting pupil learning.


Featured Sessions

Talent Architects: how to make your school a great place to work

Mandy Coalter, founder of Talent Architects and former Director of People at United Learning gives her insight into the impact of the global pandemic.


Access Education product roadmap

Hear from our product experts about our development plans, innovation, and what's coming up in our product roadmap.


A Brave New World: Generating sustainable income in our schools

Justin Smith from Chameleon Training explores ways schools can adopt more resilient and agile fundraising capabilities.