Health & Social Care Leaders

10th March 2021

Join with a host of C-level individuals from across the health and social care sector to discuss how Covid-19 is redefining the care sector


Care redefined

Covid-19 has delivered a host of challenges for the sector with many businesses forced to change working practices and delivery of care.

Does this present the sector with the opportunity to redefine care and if so what does this mean and how can organisations manage through the challenges and seize the opportunities?

Featured Sessions

Care Redefined

Join us as we reflect on the challenges presented from COVID-19 with a focus on how this has redefined the care sector, what new opportunities there are and how care organisations can seize them to manage through the challenges.


Health & Social Care Keynote


Legal Guidance: Whistleblowing in Care

Join Neil Grant, experienced Health and Social Care solicitor, as he discusses the dramatic increase in whisleblowers reported by the CQC, including the implications that the shift in the CQC's focus will have on you and your services.